Tale of the Six Great Kingdoms

A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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 Jin Uchiha

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PostSubject: Jin Uchiha   Jin Uchiha EmptyMon Mar 07, 2016 11:31 pm

Character Name: Jin Uchiha
Alias(es):"Uchihas Dog"
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 5 AND 32
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lbs

Family Members: 
Father - Hiatsu Uchiha
Mother - unknown


Personality: Jin is a bullied child. Only because he lacks the ability to interact with other children. After his father died due to reasons unknown to him he poured his very soul into being a greater shinobi. Thus staying away from people

Unique Trait: the heir of the Uchiha.

Career and Personal Information
Fame Level: village known

Affiliations: Konohagakure, Land of Fire, Hyuga Clan, Inuzuka clan, Uchiha clan.

Village Rank: jonin
Registration ID Number: 670187
Economic Status: Lower Class
Place of Birth: Konohagakure
Occupation(s): Shinobi

Ninja Squads(s): Team Draux
Student(s):  N/A
Sensei or Mentor(s): Hiatsu and Draux

Missions: Number of missions completed (updated regularly as you progress)
D Rank: 47
C Rank: 45
B Rank:  39
A Rank: 12
S Rank: 5

Close Relationships: N/A

Special Locations: Uchiha's clan building.

Ninja Academy Enrollment Age:9
Genin Promotion Age: 10
Chuunin Promotion Age:13
Jounin Advancement Age: 17
Kage Inauguration Age: 

Battle Arsenal

Five kunai with green thread wrapped on the handle.
Ten throwing stars. 
Two swords similar the Sauske uchiha's

Elemental Chakra Nature Transformation(s): Fire Release, Wind release, lightning release.

Special Attributes: 

Battle Mode: 

Chakra Level: Above Average

Chakra Control: Above Average

Hand Seal Knowledge:Above Average,

Speed Level: Above Average

Strength Level:Average

Bloodline Limit: Dojutsu: Sharigan

Original Techniques:N/A

Canon Techniques:
Fire ball jutsu

Biography: Jin, when he started in the acadamy he only had his father. His Father kept his work a secret but when he failed to return one night jin knew something was wrong.
The next day two shinobi brought him the news, his father had perished and they couldn't disclose how he had died and for what. Wrought with sorrow jin used this to fuel his training.
 One day after his sorrow ceased to be enough he forced himself to walk into his fathers room finding a book that explained his fathers Techniques and jutsus with a letter to his son. As he read the letter tears swelled in his eyes as the final memory of his father faded, leaving him with the only course remaining to become stronger. Now graduated from the academy Jin seeks his future and within it the infinite possibilities that it can hold.
Character Appearance
Jin Uchiha Naruto_oc_by_tsim-d6lzyv7
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Jin Uchiha
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