Tale of the Six Great Kingdoms

A world emerged in magic and hardship, the tale of the six kingdoms.
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PostSubject: Race List    Race List  EmptyThu May 18, 2017 6:57 am

These are the races for the RP, there are three classifications for a race's ability to use magic: Non Magical, Regular, Adept. Your race must be adept to be a mage. However regular is enough to perform magical feats falling under the usual for ones race. For example the Jungle Kin animal shifting.

Mazur:humanoid Lizard race that live in large swamps near the lands of Aion. Are capable of breathing under water and have developed immunity to disease. - Regular

Drow: A dark-skinned humanoid fey race that
live beneath the earth. They alternately go by the title of earth gods - Regular

Dwarves: Short, humanoid race that are known to be the best forger's in the world. - Non Magical

Elves: A race of long-lived, ever youthful race of humanoids. They are often admired by other races for their grace and skillfull grasp of magic. - Adept

Dark Elves: A race of elves that have the ability to become invisible in the darkness of the night. - Adept

Jungle Kin: A humanoid species that can turn into members of the animal kingdom  - Regular

MerFolk: Fish-like humanoids that dwell in the in the sea. - Adept

Orcs: A large humanoid race known for their extremely fast regeneration and strength. - Non Magical

Vasta: Giant, metallic skinned, and horned people whose name comes from their religious text, the Vastafar. - Non Magical  

Humans: The most versatile race able to become great in anything they practice and train in. They are the only race that can command the powerful and few dragons. - Adept

Vampire: Humanoid being who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood or sexual energy) of living creatures. - Regular

Khans: Once the lords of Aion, this proud race worships the sun. They have bold features and golden skin, but it is their multiple arms that make them especially exotic. - Non Magical

Air Lords: Elite falconers, archers and eagle riders from the extreme slopes of Mount Samuel, the Air Lords are a human sub-race known for their fair skin and red hair. Their glasswork is well sought after, as too are their hand crafted incredibly powerful bows. - Adept

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